REAL Living with Geri Carlson

Geri’s podcast has been a focus for many years. But Geri didn’t want to pursue this journey prematurely. “The timing is just right,” she says. “I’m very excited to help others grow through life, whether they listen to the show, or they receive one-on-one coaching.”

Like everyone else, Geri’s life is filled with countless stories, and she has learned through every one of them. “Working as a personal growth coach and a counselor obviously helps in what I do, but my life experience and working with people is what really makes the difference.”

In REAL Living with Geri Carlson, Geri discusses real life issues and offers some insight and perspective that will help others in their own journeys. You’ll hear some amazing stories, some from Geri’s own experiences. She’ll share heartaches and triumphs, including some current events, where Geri will offer practical insight and solutions. Geri highlights inspiring stories of miracles that she has been incredibly blessed to experience, so her radio podcast audience can expect to hear about those stories as well.

What is REAL Living?

One of the things that motivated me to return to college and complete my degree was my passion to help people through their struggles. When I was in grad school, I worked on developing a personal study program that helps individuals gain focus and create goals for their life while choosing to take action and grow personally. Initially, I created the Be REAL Study, which is now a study to help us focus on Jesus’s life as he walked this earth, while we search within to discover who we are authentically and what we want to become. Geri developed the REAL LIVING METHOD to help others through practical tools that has also helped her grow through life experiences and struggles over the past thirty years.

I use REAL Living in my own life today. I’ve also used this concept when working with individuals in coaching or counseling sessions, as well as leading group life classes; with believers (Christians) and non-believers. So, what is REAL? REAL is an acronym for what I believe are four main areas of focus in the life of Jesus, I believe by focusing on these areas it can lead us to a better understanding about ourselves as we also focus on others. If we follow the example of Christ, we can’t miss his focus on being REAL:





Ask Geri

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