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This is where it all began…

I never dreamed of becoming an author. I never imagined being a counselor or a life coach, either. But God had other plans. After experiencing the providence of God as He granted extraordinary mercy in the midst of my darkest hour, I knew I had to share my story. So I began to write.

I wrote my first book as if only one person would read it. I prayed over every page. I poured my soul into what is now known as I Stand Amazed (also available in Kindle/digital ebook). I remember thinking if my life-changing story could help just one person, it would be worth the two years it took to write. I had no idea how God would use this book, or me for that matter. I only knew I felt a call to write and tell my story.

Through the darkness God emerged, as only He could. For five days and nights I was in torment. When my sleep-deprived body became weak and I watched hope fade, God kept His promises. He never left my side. The words I repeatedly use to express that providential event several years later is, “I am just so grateful.”


“God, show me hope” 

…These are the words someone typed into an Internet search engine that led them to our newly published website in early 2007. “God show me hope.” I keep these words next to my computer and on my desk. I don’t know who this person was, or where they were from. I only know that in the early morning hours, while I was fast asleep, this “someone” typed this cry for help and chose (or was led) to click on our website. I remember praying for him (or her) later when I learned about this. A chill ran down my spine, and I recall being silenced by the thought that this person was in a dark period in their life. “Oh God, I wish I could talk to them,” I remember saying. I prayed He would send someone to minister to this person. So I keep these words nearby because I never want to forget; I am here to serve the hurting. In my darkest hour, I thought those same words. When life gets hard, hope fades quickly. I pray that this person, void of hope, was shown what I was reminded of years ago:  There is ALWAYS hope! And that hope is what motivated me to write I Stand Amazed, and then to ultimately return to school and become equipped for His work in counseling and ministry.

I stood on the promise of a merciful God who promised to always be there. And He was faithful! Words can never express how grateful I am. As often as I say it, I cannot express it as deeply as I feel it in my soul. So I choose to live in a spirit of gratefulness.

I Stand Amazed has been especially popular with professionals and those interested in alternative medicine. Leading doctors endorse and give my book to their patients for inspiration and education. The medical community, the chiropractic community, and no one more than I was amazed at the outcome of what should have been a devastating health crisis.

So, when hope fades, don’t believe it. Remember there is a God of Hope! And we can stand on His promises, no matter how desolate life becomes. If you’d like to know more about my story, ask me. Or better yet, if you only read the first 3-4 chapters, read I Stand Amazed. It’s a story of hope, health, and love. Countless readers have reported this book has changed their life. I’m not surprised, not because I wrote it, but because of who God is. To God be the glory!

In I Stand Amazed you will come to understand that God used chiropractic to save me, and He is due the praise. Thank you to the profession of chiropractic, whose doctors have been incredibly gracious. A special thanks to my personal chiropractor, Dr. Rob Schiffman, who continues to help me stay well-adjusted. And thank you to my readers, for your ongoing support. I love hearing from you all! God bless.

To optimal health…

Much Love & Blessings,



I Stand Amazed

By Geri L Carlson

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