Real, Optimal Thoughts & Feelings

through practical instruction from decades of proven methods. Overcome your circumstances…

And be your best self!

I created the REAL Living Method after more than 25 years of personal growth, which started as a young woman with a quest to redefine my life and attain long-lasting joy. Through the years, I learned to overcome conflict and challenging relationships. I have changed and grown in every area of my life. The thought of being stuck in who I was ten, twenty, or thirty years ago is something I don’t want to imagine. My commitment to ongoing growth is intentional. And it is so worth it! I’ll continue to learn and grow with my last breath.

Today, I speak candidly about the many failures and hardships of my life, and how I was able to grow through and rise above each one. I continue to podcast, blog, and speak about pivotal moments in my life – a few miraculous – where I learned some profound life lessons that are so valuable I just can’t keep them to myself.

One of the darkest moments in my life took place in 2004. I endured a brief health crisis – a life-changing event that led to my work in the mission fields of hope. A day doesn’t pass that I’m not grateful for that providential experience and a merciful God. I wrote about this experience and was invited to speak on this topic many times. 

I Stand Amazed…and beyond
In 2007, I wrote about my darkest hour and my journey to joy in I Stand Amazed. Several years later, the book is still touching lives. I continue to share facets of that journey and many others. Through the REAL Living Method coaching program, I help others learn how to make simple changes like I did (and like many of my clients) that bring life-changing results. 

I’ve helped thousands of individuals grow through life, regardless of their circumstances, by teaching skills that prepare them for life’s challenges. I also encourage others to live intentionally. I began working with individuals in 2005, which also grew into facilitating group classes and becoming keynote speaker and conference leader. I love sharing insightful truths and practical tools that cultivate growth:

– personally
– emotionally
– relationally
– spiritually
– professionally…

For a lifetime. 

My life’s work is focused on personal growth, which includes healthy choices and boundaries. From our first encounter, my clients learn skills that lead them to success. My completion of graduate school and post-graduate training (see below) has further equipped me for serving those who are struggling in life. However, nothing could prepare me for serving others like walking through my own personal trials – some provoked by my own poor choices. Today, I live in a spirit of gratefulness, and with confidence.

I’ve enjoyed my work as a professional counselor, but the reality is not everyone is in need of counseling. Most of my clients fall into the category of coaching. In either case, I love pouring into the lives of others and watching them grow. I’ve learned that everyone has a story; what we choose to do with it can empower us. Joy is a choice, and I choose to embrace it. You can do the same!

My passion for learning and growth can be realized in my coaching and counseling methods and skills. I concluded a one-week intensive training under Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, leading psychologists and authors of numerous books including New York Times Bestseller, Boundaries. And I continue to stay updated on skills and methodology, which is why I pursued training as a Brain Health Coach under world renowned brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen through his program.  

I have worked with thousands of individuals during challenging times. As a Master Life Coach, and consultant and counselor, I am passionate about helping people gain hope and understanding, or heal and grow stronger, so they can lead fulfilled lives.

Everyone is capable of transforming their thinking, and ultimately, their life! Don’t settle for status quo. You can be in control of your own life; I love working with individuals to show them how.

My post-graduate enrichment has been led by masters in the fields of Counseling, Coaching, and Leadership: 

  • Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. Learning their methodology and implementing it into my work has made a huge impact, on me personally as well as my clients. I have respected these great minds and incredible leaders for decades. I have had the distinct privilege of attending a one-week workshop with Drs. Cloud and Townsend a few years ago; one of the most enriching experiences of my life. These guys are the real deal. 
  • I’ve been an avid follower of Dr. Daniel Amen for the past dozen years. In 2018, I officially became a student seeking certification as a Brain Health Coach (BHC) through the Amen Clinics with Dr. Amen. Advanced technology and research shows the effects of our life choices, as well as disease and disorders, can be seen in our brain through Brain SPECT Imaging. Even more astounding is that our brain has the ability to heal itself in many instances. Dr. Amen is a pioneer in this field, one of the leading scientists of our time. 
  • Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, Pastoral Counselor and best-selling Author of multiple books on marriage and relationships, including Love & Respect. I have attended workshops with Dr. Eggerichs and his wife, Sarah, and daughter Joy. I  include the Love & Respect resources in my couples/relationships coaching (and counseling) services and Life Enrichment classes.
  • I’ve also had additional training in Child Play Counseling through workshops with pioneer Dr. Garry Landreth.  I love serving children, and these days, I mostly help kids by helping their parents. 

My Education

  • M.A. in Human Services Counseling
  • Master of Ministry (M.Min.) – Leadership
  • B.S. in Organizational Management
  • Brain Health Coaching – Amen University (Dr. Daniel Amen)
  • Master Christian Life Coach (ICCA)
  • Completed the One-Week Intensive in person with Drs. Henry Cloud & John Townsend, plus ongoing studies (Counseling/Coaching, Leadership) 
  • Child Play Counseling (workshops/studies)
  • Post-Graduate Studies (George Fox University)
  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Administrator 
  • Enneagrams 

I’ve also enjoyed 25+ years experience in church leadership roles, and ordained in the Christian Church in 2012 as a Minister of Christ.