Have you laughed today?

When was the last time you burst into a belly laugh? What are you doing this weekend that will promote fun?

Make it happen.

If I can go to a funeral home and hear laughter, in the midst of pain and deep sorrow, then I should be able to incorporate laughter into my daily life.

One of the main obstacles today that keep people from enjoying life is busyness. If you’re crazy busy it’s most likely you’ve created that environment. So make choices that get you less busy. In the meantime, even in your busyness, you can laugh.

Surround yourself with people who are fun, positive, uplifting, and real. Having a difficult time finding them? Consider this:

1.  Positive people don’t want to be around Negative Nellies or Neds.

2.  Selfless people who love to serve don’t want to waste their energy on people who are self-absorbed takers – those who zap the energy of others but tend to not reciprocate or pay it forward.

3.  The people you choose to surround your life is a reflection of you.

Need to make better choices? Do it. Don’t just talk about it. Change doesn’t just happen; it takes effort and often repetition. Long-lasting change is typically a process, so don’t expect results overnight. Focus and stay on track.

Be the change you want to see. Yes, even if you don’t feel like it; even if it’s uncomfortable at first. Take action on “right thinking” and watch the change happen!

What goal can you set today, and what steps can you take now, to get started in the right direction?

What can you do today, and tomorrow, to incorporate laughter?

I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below or go here to leave me a private message.