[Originally posted on January 15, 2013] 

Bumps in the road. Ever run into those? It seems that a few years – and perhaps more than a few wrinkles – tend to reveal new perspectives.

Scarves are a staple in my wardrobe. I have a fair collection and I can often be seen wearing one around my neck. Every now and then some printed scarf will trigger a memory.

I grew up on the south side of Chicago until I was twelve years old. My father worked long hours for the railroad and my mother was a hairdresser during the 1960’s and early ‘70’s; she actually had an authentic “beauty shop” in the basement of our house. It wasn’t uncommon to see an older woman with short permed hair leaving our home adorned with a silk or nylon babushka (scarf) tied under her chin to protect her newly-styled coif from the wind. (A heavily populated neighborhood of immigrants from around the world, babushkas were frequently worn by women from various walks of life.)

Babushka Babushka

Having a mother as a hairdresser had its perks. I loved it when she curled my hair – minus the part where I had to sleep on rollers. But I had a much bigger concern. I knew even as a young child that the price of having the best styled hair at church (or fill-in-the-blank event) was that I would have to endure the trip to and from church…donning the ever-dreaded babushka! No self-respecting seven-year-old would do this voluntarily. But since no one did banana curls like my mom I repeatedly came to the conclusion that the brief trek of humiliation with the babushka was well worth it.

Banana Curls Banana Curls

No path in life is continuously paved for a smooth ride. No life is easy. What bumps are you willing to ride to reach your goal? Do you risk humiliation, or even failure, in an attempt to achieve something great? Think back on a time when you endured some rough roads en route to an incredible destination. Be encouraged to press on! The nostalgic babushka is but a distant memory for me, but I will never forget those long beautiful curls.

(Random pictures of babushka and banana curls.)