Is your life crowded with an overloaded calendar and too many commitments? When I speak with clients who complain there is not enough time in their week to squeeze in quiet moments, or a date night with their spouse or significant other, or other high priority plans that honor God and family, they often request I look at their calendar to prove their point. (I love when this happens.) After my clients pull out their planner or smart phone and share reasons for their overloaded schedule, I typically ask:

Which of these appointments/events take a higher priority than your personal growth, marriage (or other important relationship), or quiet time with God? 

At this point my clients typically see their misplaced priorities and what they need to do. Some may need further discussion to gain a new perspective and realize their quiet time may need to be penciled in. Or their most important relationships should hold a higher place than one more club or team added to their already over-committed child’s schedule. (Is it even healthy for little Johnny to be committed to two sports teams, piano lessons, and 4-H or a scout troop? Burn-out amongst children and teens is another important topic; please don’t do this to your kids.) 

Distractions are everywhere; we even schedule them into our lives! 

Adults (and kids) are way too busy in today’s society, and we barely have time to think. Are your priorities healthy and God-honoring? 

Do you have ample time blocked off for quiet time, fun time, and gab fests around the kitchen table? If you need to actually pencil these in, do it. On second thought… 

Use ink!