You can have so much more! 

No one can promise you an easy life, but it can be easier and manageable when you have the tools to asses every situation and bring forth change. You can also build a more meaningful life, and attain joy in the process!

REAL Living Method Coaching Program

  • Identify Limiting Beliefs 
  • Implement Our Proven Method
  • Overcome & Achieve Desired Outcomes

Change the outcome of your story.

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What my clients are saying…

I often look back to our first meeting and remember how absolutely broken I was... It's like I'm living in a whole new world! I have made a ton of progress with your help! Thank you for helping me understand how I am "wired" and how strong I truly am. I am blessed that you were the one that answered the phone when I finally found the courage to make that call!

– Anna  (REAL Living Method & Counseling)

Unbelievable! You are my Yoda.

– Mallory  (REAL Living Method / Life Coaching)

I'm listening to you and I can feel myself smiling, and I haven't felt that in a long time. I'm learning how I have been focused on the wrong thing. I can now see how everything is going to be better than before. I'm actually excited!

– Riley  (Life Coaching/Leadership)

You can't realize what a blessing Geri is. The tools she has given me have been such a help in my trying, struggling times with no one to count on but myself! I am blessed by Geri's wisdom. Wow...Thank you!!

– Lindsey  (REAL Living Method client)

It's like (Geri) reached out and said, "Here, take my hand." And my life has never been the same.

– Jackie (Life Coaching)

What is REAL Living?






REAL Living Lifestyle

For some, REAL Living means transformation. For all, it starts with focus and managing one’s thoughts and feelings. Learning and practicing these and other skills learned in our Method, along with others, is a Community. Making this a priority, committed to personal growth and mindfulness (while building a more meaningful life)…that’s a Lifestyle!

“There is nothing more important than Truth.”

– Geri Carlson