The REAL Living Method

  • Change your thinking and change the outcome of your story.
  • Direct your thoughts and gain control of your feelings…and your life (we’ll show you how).
  • Over 90% of our clients sign up for a 2nd TRLM program! It’s all about results.

Wherever you are in life, whatever your circumstances, TRLM provides great tools and practical advice for life-changing results! 

What is The REAL Living Method?

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Life Coaching with Geri 
The REAL Living Method.
Change the outcome of your story. (Free 15 min. consult.)


Geri writes about real life issues, often sharing how . This is a REAL zone!

Transforming Your Thinking & Your Life 


Why settle for status quo when you can have so much more? No one can promise you an easy life, but it can be easier and manageable. 

  • I help others grow through life by providing practical tools that help individuals work through challenging life issues. You can begin to lighten your load today. I’ll show you how to be proactive and change the outcome of your story.
  • If you are struggling with

    – personal growth – relationships
    – making decisions – difficult family issues 
    – drama or chaos – career or co-workers 
    – working through conflict or a crisis 

…the REAL Living Method will help you overcome difficult issues and move forward. 

Learn how to avoid unnecessary hardship

I learned the hard way – through repeated mistakes and poor choices. But since I gained the tools to prevent unnecessary suffering, my life is richer! I’ve spent years…decades researching and developing a method that produces results.
The REAL Living Method is transforming lives. Learn practical tools that will help you through this chapter in your life; be equipped to handle challenges and
crush any conflict that comes your way.

Let’s discuss ways to work through your issue and lead a more fulfilled life. You can experience coaching sessions from the comfort of your home or office.

Wherever you are in life, it can be better. Be equipped to transform your life.

Why wouldn’t you start today?

Change the outcome of your story.

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